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Gustav, Melanie and the kids invite you to spend some time with us on our private reserve in the world renowned Waterberg

Mattaniah Brochure

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Colorado Buck hunts Mattaniah 1

Colorado Buck and friend Mark hunts Mattaniah. Mark is on his first African Safari and hunted a huge Eland Bull on Mattaniah. Colorado Buck has a hunting show on the American Outdoor Channel and hunts Worldwide with camera man and editor in Chief Larry. They share their hunting adventures with millions of viewers and Mattaniah


Colorado Buck hunts Mattaniah 2

Mark and Colorado with PH Werner with the Eland Bull hunted on Mattaniah. We were nearly caught in a huge thunder storm, making it back to the lodge just in time! Visit our photo gallery for more fotos of their hunt with us.


Where in the World is Colorado Buck

Short intro of Colorado Buck’s world renowned outdoor show !



Ryan and friend Ricky with his first hunt. Well done lad. Ryan did however have great difficulty with the traditional raw liver of your first kill…lets just leave it there.



American client and friend Bill with his first Buffalo hunt. With him is professional hunter and outfitter Gustav Collins.

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